How to Find The Right Dentist  By Asking The Right Questions
It is a question that would barely cross your mind ever in a lifetime unless you have some dental issues. When it comes to Oral hygiene, we are always oblivious towards it, and the painful consequences that caused are due to its ignorance, both physically and financially.

Due to the prolific growth in the arbitrary availability of dental practitioners, finding the right dentist becomes a laborious task.‘will give you a list of around Hundred dental clinics.

Hence, we decided to come up with a list of ‘the right factors’ to be considered and the relevant questions that you can ask and reflect upon, before creating your own shortlist of right Dentists from scratch.


• Is the clinic close enough for you to afford to visit it once a week?
• If too far, does it have that level of public validity and facilities for you to spend a considerable amount on visiting it?

Qualifications and Credibility:

• How qualified is the dentist and how long has he been practicing?

• Does the certificates and degrees that he holds (or hangs in the clinic) have any real value?

• Does the clinic have a proper social presence like a map location or an account on various online Medical Forums?

• Is the dentist a part of the local Dental Association or any other medical community verifying his credibility?


• On average, does the clinic have positive reviews on credible online platforms?

• If you know people who visit the same dentist, what do they say about his treatment?

• Compared to other dentists, is this clinic cost-effective?

Facilities & Amenities

• Does the clinic support your healthcare plan?

• Does it provide treatment for all possible dental illnesses?

• If the dentist charges relatively more, are the facilities and treatments provider here worth the cost?

Quality of the Clinic

• Does the clinic maintain hygiene effectively?

• Are the staffs helpful and punctual at their job?

• Are the equipment used by the dentist up-to-date and sanitized?

Dentist’s Behavior

• Was the dentist knowledgeable enough to understand your concerns?

• Was he kind and patient with you?

• Did he give any additional tips or advice specific to you for improving your oral health?

To set an example of a dental center which checks off maximum questions on this list positively, Creative Dental Centre is often considered as one of the best dental clinic producing the best results and recommendations from patients throughout the state. This list can surely help, not only the ones living in Ontario but anyone around the world who have finally woken up and realized the importance of having a regular dental check-up.
Eat Good. Stay Healthy 🙂

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