Myths About Root Canal Treatment
For many of the patients suffering from dental issues and complications, the phrase ‘root canal treatment’ sends shivers down the spine. This well established and safe dental procedure is unfortunately highly misunderstood by several patients that lead to preconceived assumptions of pain and discomfort. Creative Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, renowned for root canal treatment in Pune would like to debunk the myths associated with this procedure and present you with accurate information.

Myth # 1: It is a painful procedure

Firstly, it should be understood that root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain but alleviates it. Development of modern technologies and techniques in endodontic procedures has virtually made the treatment painless. As the treatment involves the removal of infected pulp of the tooth, inflammation and pain are bound to stop after the treatment. The level of pain experienced by patients who do not undergo root canal treatment is overwhelmingly high when compared with very minor discomfort experienced by the patients who have opted for the treatment.

Myth # 2: Need to undergo root canal treatment only when the pain aggravates

Although it is true that inflammation of infected tissues that cause acute and intense pain calls for root canal treatment, it is not the only criterion. Many a time, a dead tooth may not cause pain at all but may slowly start affecting the adjoining areas. Remember, by retaining the dead tooth, the probability of spreading of infection gets enhanced. We at creative dental clinic, conduct several diagnostic tests to analyze the condition of a dead tooth and prescribe root canal treatment if necessary at the earliest opportunity.

Myth # 3: Tooth extraction is always better than root canal treatment

It is always a good practice to save the tooth rather than extracting it for several reasons.

Placement of any prosthetic teeth with the help of bridges or implants in the vacant space is always a costlier option than the root canal treatment.

The chances of bacteria entering the blood stream is more in extraction procedure than the root canal treatment, as the treatment area in latter is very much confined.

Myth # 4: Root canal treatment causes illness

It is natural for patients, who have been advised to undergo root canal treatment, to scout more information from online resources and get apprehensive about several reports suggesting occurrence of illness after root canal treatment. With our vast experience in endodontic treatment procedures, we can assure you that all those out dated false reports have subsequently been proven wrong. Till now, there is no scientific evidence that pinpoints the root canal treatment to cause general illness and as mentioned earlier, root canal treatment eradicates the bacteria from the infected area and does not deteriorate the situation. With success rate of root canal treatment as high as 95%, the chances of re-infection in the tooth are very much remote and hence it easily paves way for good oral health.

Myth # 5: Root canal treatment has temporary effects

As the original tooth is restored with long lasting techniques, the treatment almost has permanent effect. The treatment concluded with fitment of crown, practicing of good oral habits and routine visits to dentists for general check-up can effectively preserve the tooth for lifetime.

Endodontics, a speciality branch of dentistry involved in root canal treatment can offer permanent solution for your tooth ache problems associated with infection in tooth pulp. With millions of endodontic procedures performed worldwide every year, there is no real reason to be apprehensive about the root canal treatment. We have rendered endodontic treatments to countless patients and helped them to maintain oral condition and enjoy painless days. If you are experiencing acute pain or still have doubts about the procedure, schedule an appointment with us for a consultation.

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