Oral Problems : Causes, Symptoms & Types
According to a survey by the WHO, almost every adult in the world will develop at least one tooth cavity in their lifetime. This problem was also found to be apparent in 60 to 90% of school-going kids as well. Dental and oral health is often understated and thought to be interchangeable terms, especially in developing nations like ours. Dental problems caused specifically in the teeth are slightly different from general oral problems caused in teeth, throat, tongue, cheeks, jawbone, and anywhere within the mouth and neck.

And although most of us are aware of the essential oral hygiene habits such as brushing, flossing, limiting sugar intake, etc., it is still important to be knowledgeable of various oral problems that you may experience despite all your efforts.

Common Causes of Oral Problems:

No matter how much you protect your mouth, it takes in or develops a myriad of bacterias and fungi, some of which are necessary for oral health while others are potentially harmful. It also comes in contact with various foods and drinks that we intake, which contain substances that can deposit within the mouth and lead to unforeseen oral problems. Some of the most common causes of oral problems that are observed today are:

Common Symptoms of Oral Problems:

Even though you must visit your dentist frequently for overall checkups, there are some alarming signs which immediate professional attention such as:

Common Types Of Oral Problems:

Knowing the right symptoms and causes, you can prudently take precautions to prevent the harmful oral diseases that they are associated with. However, here are some oral disorders that all of us are most likely to suffer from at least once in our life

Tooth Decay:

The plaque collected in our tooth gaps or cavities combines with other acidic food deposits to degrade the tooth enamel and lead to the blackening of teeth known as decay.


Toothache is severe pain caused within or under a tooth that may be loosened, cracked, abscessed, dislocated or infected through the gums.


Gingivitis is a gum disease which is caused by the plaque built up in one’s mouth or improper brushing and flossing. It causes severe swelling, bleeding, inflammation of gums and can lead to periodontitis as well.

Chronic Bad Breath:

Also termed as halitosis, chronic bad breath is a condition caused by several problems such as cavity depositions, bacteria, gum diseases, and it often signals to the development of some other major oral disorder.

Tooth Sensitivity:

Tooth sensitivity is caused when the gums are infected or receding, or due to worn-down fillings or crowns from a past root canal treatment.

Preventing such oral problems before they take root is crucial for longer and healthier oral health. Hence, if you ever wish to consult a dentist for oral care checkups and tips for your unique oral conditions, Creative Dental Clinic is the place for you to visit. Being regarded as the Best dentist in Pune, we can help you with any of your oral problems painlessly and cost-effectively. You can visit the Creative Dental Care website to reach out to our expert today.