Remove Tooth Or Get A Root Canal
It is true that many patients shudder on mere utterance of the phrase “Root Canal Treatment”. But the fact is that these negative connotations need to be erased as root canal treatment provides better oral health and contributes lot towards relieving toothache. Especially when the tooth gets cracked or decayed and paved way for the bacteria to affect the inner pulp, there is no better option other than root canal treatment to save your tooth. As our endeavor to educate our patients about the necessity of Root canal treatment, we have enlisted below five benefits associated with this simple but effective procedure:

1. Saves Natural Teeth: In the first place, let us present a plain truth – no man-made teeth can match the natural one. Yes, even with advanced techniques prevailing today, all tooth replacement devices can come only very close to the natural ones, but can never supersede them. So, why to think about extracting the natural Tooth when it can be saved? Remember, once the tooth is extracted, the missing space needs to be filled with bridges, crowns, or implants and hence it calls for additional procedures.

2. Relieves Tooth Ache: The very purpose of treating tooth infection through root canal treatment (RCT) is to relieve the associated pain but not to induce one. Also, with modern techniques and technologies, root canal treatments for infected tooth have become as simpler as tooth filling and virtually painless.

3. Enhances Aesthetic Smile: There can’t be a second opinion on the fact that a cracked or infected tooth play a spoil sport when you smile. Nobody likes to reveal their infected tooth while talking or laughing and hence they are always forced to suppress their emotions. With root canal treatments, you can easily regain perfect oral health and beam your envious smile. And should we illustrate the importance of smile that enhances your aesthetic appearance?

4. Sensible Economics: When the inner pulp of the tooth gets decayed, you have two options to weigh upon:

• Treat it through root canal treatment and cover it with a cap

• Extract the infected tooth and fill the missing space through implants or bridges, which involves additional costs.

So while it is possible to treat the infection through RCT in few sittings, why to prolong the treatment through extraction process followed with tooth replacement procedure and incur additional expenses? It definitely does not make sense economically too!

5. Improves Overall Health: Living with infected or decayed teeth is as good as extending warm shake hands with the bacteria and make it comfortable for them to thrive and damage adjoining areas and penetrate throughout the body. And needless to say, these harmful bacteria can cause havoc for your overall health and produce many undesirable results. With RCT under the safe pair of hands of our dentist in Pune, you can definitely prevent illness popping up due to tooth infection.

If you are one of those patients with the infected, cracked, or decayed tooth, it is never advisable to put off a consultation with your dentist. Creative dental clinic and implant center deploys the latest technologies and offers the best root canal treatment in Pune. Schedule an appointment and get in touch with our dentist to learn more about root canal treatment and regain your natural teeth but devoid of infection.

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