Wisdom Tooth Pain Causes Cures
With age comes wisdom, and also wisdom tooth! As one enters into adulthood, they experience significant development in dental anatomy. Evolved during late teens, between 17-21 wisdom teeth are basically third molars that are also called impacted tooth because they grow in a different direction as there isn’t enough space in the jaw for them to accommodate. As wisdom teeth are blocked because of lack of enough space to grow, they push through the gums in your mouth often causing pain and infection.

The pain mostly occurs when the wisdom tooth has either an infection or cavities. Since they are positioned at an angle to the adjacent tooth, it allows food to enter and get stuck. Thus it becomes difficult to remove the debris as wisdom tooth are deep-seated and have deep crevices. Ultimately, the food rot and bacteria sets in, causing an infection.
Apart from contagion, there are also chances of cavity development in the wisdom tooth as it becomes difficult to clean the food stuck in there.

Wisdom tooth surgery

Another reason why wisdom teeth cause pain is that they exert pressure on nearby teeth, jaws and bone, consequently causing severe pain that can spread to ear, neck and even temples. It is believed that due to evolution, our skulls became smaller, giving less space for the proper development of wisdom tooth, causing them to erupt partially.

Often people are apprehensive about getting their wisdom teeth removed and delay the procedure as long as they can. Little do they know that it can cause decay and infection as mentioned above. If not taken care earlier, the extraction can be a difficult procedure at a later stag when the risk of complications can increase and healing process might become slower.

Avoiding a wisdom tooth surgery can increase the risk for gum inflammation and infection to the bacteria present in the cavity.

Therefore, it is recommended to undergo wisdom teeth removal. Creative Dental Clinic has the best dentists in Pune that can relieve pain caused by wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth surgery in Pune has now become a preferred choice among people as it is easy to perform bearing far fewer complications. Our doctors will ensure there are minimal discomfort and pain during the procedure. With the latest technology and anaesthesia, the post-surgery pain has become quite bearable, making it a successful treatment.

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