Dental Implants
Ever felt embarrassed to smile in front of several people due to a missing or broken tooth? Dental implants can come to the rescue as a permanent solution & bring back your vibrant smile thus boosting morale & elevating your confidence.

A Dental implant acts as an artificial tooth to people who lost tooth in accident or have got them removed. Loss of teeth can be attributed to following reasons like

The appearance of a person with missing tooth causes many irregularities in his/her life, eroding away the very spirit. Chewing food becomes a problem with missing tooth.

Improper chewing leads to undigested food & eventually health issues crop up. Missing tooth not only poses an embarrassment in terms of looks or physical appearance but also involves a health risk unless replaced with a dental implant. A dental implant provides a long term solution & looks almost as natural & as healthy as a regular tooth. They are built to endure daily activities & allow the person to smile & eat without any fear.

Another option to tide over the embarrassment is turning to the traditional dental bridge which is damaging as well as disturbing to the adjacent teeth because of additional burden. A dental implant has an edge over dental bridges in the following ways:

Type of dental implant is deemed fit & safe for patients

In Pune, a dedicated team of expert professionals has set up a best in the class facility for all dental related problems under the expert guidance be it Dental Implants, Orthodontic Braces, and many other dental related issues. The facility at the creative dental clinic has a state of the art equipment to deal with dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, immediate dental implant & tooth extraction. The facility can boast of restorative, endodontic, prosthetic & surgical treatment which is easy on your pocket & effective for your teeth simultaneously.

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