Things to know about gum boils
Gum boil is a concept we often hear, but not a lot of us know about it. It can cause a lot of disturbance in our daily chores like eating, brushing, etc. Which is why it is necessary to know about them and detect them as soon as possible.

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What is a Gum boil?

It is an abscess that forms on the gum that looks pretty much like swollen bumps. They are categorized into three types and are totally based on their location, and they are

• Gingival abscess – They lie in the gum line
• Periapical abscess – They lie at the root of the tooth
• Periodontal abscess – In the supporting tissues of the teeth

Causes of gum boil

The major causes of the gum boils are – plaque, food particles, tooth decay, which eventually leads to the infection around the gum.

In very rare cases, gum boil can be a symptom of oral cancer.


Gum boils can be painful or painless depending on its severity. But generally, pain is something that indicates the presence of a boil on the gum. If you find a bump around your gums, then it’s time to visit a dentist.

Some other symptoms are

• Bad breath
• Bleeding
• Pus
• Swollen gums
• Nausea
• Fever
• Earache

Treatment :

Some of the remedies for gum boils are –
• Saltwater gargling
• Using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to rinse the mouth
• Use garlic juice to rinse the mouth
• Apply clove oil to the affected area
When these home remedies fail to work, the best thing to do is look for the best dentist who can offer an effective gum boil treatment.

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