Tooth Extraction
Removal of the tooth from its place in the gum and bone of jaw is tooth extraction. In comparison to many other dental procedures, extraction of the tooth may sound little terrifying and scary more so, when it is referred to as “Oral Surgery”. But when explained properly about the need for tooth extraction, it helps to ease a patient’s mind as they are able to better understand the need for removal of tooth

Tooth extraction in Pune is done by many expert dentists having plenty of years of experience to their credit. Many good and reputed dentists in Pune have their own specialized clinics with all modern amenities and some are even attached to good dental hospitals. One can visit them either at their clinic or hospitals for all dental related problems including tooth extraction.

Damage to the tooth as a result of decay or trauma:

Usually, dentists will attempt the traditional and conventional approach initially while trying to repair a damaged tooth. Only in cases where the tooth is damaged severely and is beyond repair for the usual solutions such as filling or crown, the dentist might take the decision to extract the tooth. Teeth sometimes move to the place where the extracted tooth used to be, leading to problems with biting of food. For such reasons and also for the patient’s comfort, dentists suggest putting a bridge, partial denture or even Dental implant in the gaps where the tooth has gone missing.


Orthodontic or braces treatment may also require extraction of the tooth. In situations, where, as compared to the mouth, the teeth are too large thus causing severe problems, extraction of teeth might be required to complete the orthodontic procedures. The most usual reason for extraction of a tooth in orthodontic treatment is to alleviate crowding but in certain other situations such as overbite too the teeth may need to be extracted. Normally the removal of teeth is done symmetrically such that the same two teeth in each jaw are extracted so as to keep the bite balanced. In short, a total of 4 teeth get extracted. While the removal of the tooth for the purpose of braces may seem to be the most extreme choice, in certain cases, it is the best alternative to re-align the jaw in comparison to serious surgery.

To Remove Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are nothing but an extra set of adult molars that usually come up in patients who are in their early 20’s or late teens. Wisdom teeth as such do not cause problems for all adults, but only in cases where the teeth has come in out at an angle or failed to come in at all or tapped underneath the gums thus pressing against the other teeth, the wisdom tooth or teeth might give certain problems. In certain rare cases, wisdom teeth can get infected or cause abscesses, swelling or even pain. Wisdom tooth removal is suggested only in extreme cases where the wisdom teeth have started to cause issues.

Tooth Extraction in Kids for Timely Development of Teeth

In certain cases, a dentist may recommend extraction of baby teeth (also referred to as Primary or Milk tooth) that have not fallen on time. Say, for instance, if the dentist notices baby tooth in your child which children of his or her age would have lost a few years back, the dentist would suggest removal of the same to ensure the growth of permanent adult teeth in the right position.

No dentist would take extraction of tooth lightly and also would always want to conserve the teeth but on certain health grounds or developmental considerations, keeping a tooth would be inadvisable and hence the dentist might suggest extraction of the tooth. In cases where tooth extraction is warranted, a dentist would go over all the details as to what to expect prior and after the procedure including the resultant benefit to your health.

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