Toothache – What is it? Causes, Symptoms, and Prognosis
All humans, once in their lifetime experience toothache. However, very few might know that tooth pain can occur due to numerous reasons and is not a common health concern to ignore. Toothache is hard to ignore, especially when the pain hinders your chewing habits, talking, and laughing. In case the toothache

What is a Toothache?

Toothache occurs when the nerve inside our mouth is irritated

Dental infection, loss of a tooth, tooth decay, and teeth injury can also contribute towards toothache. Bacteria growing inside your mouth can cause infection, tooth decay, and Gum disease, which results in severe tooth pain.


Damaged or fractured tooth:

A fractured tooth can expose sensitive dentin and pulp, making it prone to tooth loss. Certain fractures run deep into the tooth, causing severe pain while biting or chewing.

Ongoing Dental Treatment:

Although it’s necessary, dental treatments do come with few discomforts and pain.

Teeth Grinding

A habit that is more often done unintentionally and unconsciously at night.

Also known as bruxism, this dental habit can severely damage your teeth and cause tooth sensitivity. Gum disease: A red, swollen, and bleeding gum needs immediate attention of the Best dentist in Pune. Severe gum problems might result in loss of bone around the teeth, followed by tooth pain and irritation.

Symptoms of Toothache

• Pain while chewing, biting or applying pressure on the teeth
• Swollen gums and cheeks around the teeth
• Red, swollen, and bleeding gums
• Throbbing pain within the tooth

How choosing the best dentist will help?

In this era of modern dental care, the best dentist in Pune can quickly determine the root cause of tooth problems and proceed with the effective treatments. For best results, visit our Dental clinic in Hadapsar.

Our well-accomplished doctors are known for their accurate prognosis to stop further tooth damage and risk of spreading tooth infection.

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