Reasons To See An Orthodontist
It is crucial to take care of oral health. Apart from the following oral health regimes, visit a  dentist every six months is necessary. Visits help in the correct assessment of oral health and dentist also give us valuable tips to maintain oral health. Dentists might refer you to an orthodontist( A type of dentist) for tooth correction or jaw bite. 

Here, we will discuss the reasons for which you should see an orthodontist in Pune.

Correction of Overcrowded Teeth:

 When the teeth grow misaligned in the jaws, it causes overcrowded teeth that germs to breed inside the grooves of the teeth. The bacterias can cause tooth and gum decay. An orthodontist will address the problem adequately by taking a preliminary scan of the mouth, saving you from dental problems.

Straighten teeth:

Crooked teeth can impose social implications and loss of self-esteem. An orthodontist can help you by teeth straightening, thus boosting your self-image and morale. They may provide surgical solutions, dental braces, or Invisalign to correct crooked teeth.

A permanent solution to a temporary dental device:

Temporary dental devices such as Invisalign, braces, palatal expanders, cheek, and lip bumpers, may give us temporary relief but may also cause inconvenience in regular use. An orthodontist can provide an alternative and permanent solution to dental devices.

Treat speech problems:

 the coordination of teeth and tongue helps in the right pronunciation and phonetics. Crooked teeth and misalignment can cause speech defects such as stuttering, imposing social implications on us. Thus orthodontists can help us treat speech problems by addressing dental issues.

Treat Bloody and Puffy Gums:

Bleeding gums are perhaps the most common, but unfortunately, most ignored this dental problem. Ignoring only makes the condition worst from worse, affecting gum tissue and jaw bone as well. 

Sleeping Problems:

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder; if not treated properly, it can take a toll on your health in the long term. It is caused due to interruptions in breathing passages and improper exhalation. Many times misaligned teeth impedes the proper exhalation, blocking wind inside and interrupting sleep. Hence, orthodontists can address sleep apnea by correcting tooth/teeth.

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