Reasons Why Brides Should Get Their Teeth Whitening ASAP
Being a bride is tough. Any every bride starts preparing for her wedding well before it’s too late. However, the bridal makeover is usually done as the final step towards achieving a perfectly beautiful bridal look, which is fine. But when it comes to teeth whitening, though it falls under the bridal makeover tasks, it’s more beneficial when performed early, way before the makeover plans. 

If you think teeth whitening is just a single session treatment that can be done a few days before your big day, you are gravely mistaken. Teeth whitening is a highly personalized treatment, and the way it is performed differs from person to person, or as in your case, from bride to bride. There are several factors involved in this treatment that can yield the best results only when performed with care and given enough time. 

To give you a quick and rough idea, here are the essential factors involved in achieving the best out of teeth whitening treatment and why they need more time:

Consultation Takes Time:

The first step to any dental treatment, which is a thorough consultation session, needs to be more detailed in case of teeth whitening. You and your dentist must develop some mutual understanding of your goals and expectations related to your smile before starting the actual treatment. 

Based on your teeth’s present state and the changes you expect this treatment to yield, your dentist will need some time to come up with a combination of teeth whitening plan that can best suit your oral condition and help achieve exactly what you wish to before your wedding.

Treatments Differ For Different Teeth:

Everyone has a unique set of teeth with distinct features and requirements which need to be taken into account when opting for teeth whitening. Before moving forward with any standard treatment, the dentist has to analyze your teeth’ aspects and to do so, she may require an entire session. 

They may also recommend a plan that requires multiple treatment sessions. Based on your dental attributes and overall health condition, specific teeth whitening devices can be prepped by the dentist for your future sessions.  

Multiple Preparations Steps Are Involved:

Teeth whitening may sound like a simple walk-in and walk-out type of treatment, but I assure you it is not. Like other clinical treatments, it also requires some preparation steps well before you attend your whitening session.

During your consultation, your dentist will suggest a few prepping activities personalized to your oral health and needs. Typically, a dental hygienic clean treatment is required at least a week before this treatment for allowing the gums to be in a healthy state before whitening.

If you have tooth sensitivity issues, or if your teeth are diagnosed with such a problem, your dentist will provide a desensitizing toothpaste to be applied twice a day for weeks before the treatment. 

Different Treatments To Select From:

In addition to in-office whitening with hydrogen peroxide, there are several advanced methods that are utilized to achieve the desired makeover goals. Some of these methods may require a different session to be performed later to obtain the utmost results and must be planned with ample time left for the wedding. 

The most common teeth whitening treatments use whitening gels that are activated using UV light lamps or plasma lamps, and if you’re found to be the right candidate, you can also opt for laser-based teeth whitening to get sparkling white teeth.

If you wish to know the best ways of getting personalized bridal teeth whitening in Pune, visit our Creative Dental Care website and reach on to our cosmetic dentistry specialists today.

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