Dental Myths That Can Harm Your Teeth
Many times, fiction becomes stronger than fact and hence it is no wonder woes behind dental practices getting upper hand. Spread through word of mouth or deep rooted beliefs, many dental myths have huge potential to create a catastrophe for your oral health. In fact, while interacting with our patients visiting our dental clinic  we find most of them having poor knowledge of facts pertaining to dental health. Let us have a glimpse of few dental myths that needs to be immediately cleared to begin the journey towards good oral health.

Only Sugary Substance Causes Tooth Decay

No doubt, sugary solids or liquids can lead to the formation of a cavity, but it is not the real culprit. Bacteria acts on carbohydrates or refined sugar entangled in the teeth gaps and produce acids, which in turn results in the formation of plaque. Poor oral practices lead to tooth decay and the chances gets multi-folded with consumption of sugar in any form.

White And Shiny Teeth Are Healthier

Healthy teeth are whiter in shade, but the other way need not be necessarily true. Any infection or cavities in the teeth may not hamper with the whiteness of your teeth but are sure shot signs of unhealthy oral practices. Moreover, as we age, it is natural for teeth to get discolored, but that does not necessarily need to be stamped as unhealthy ones.

 Teeth Whitening Are Harmful

Around three decades back, acidic materials were used to whiten your teeth and hence they were damaging the enamel. But since then, pH neutral bleaching materials are being deployed for teeth whitening and hence the question of damage to enamel or teeth roots does not arise.

Pregnant Women Need To Completely Avoid Dental Treatment

Of course it is true that your Dentist would definitely avoid certain dental procedures during pregnancy, but regular dental checkups, filling, and cleaning and several other procedures can be definitely taken up. As a precautionary measure, it is always a good idea to inform about your pregnancy before undergoing any dental procedure.

Bleeding Gums Should Not Be Brushed

Regular brushing not only helps to remove entangled food particles and avoid plaque formation but also provides assistance to avoid gingivitis and other Gum diseases. Even in the event of persistent irritation in gums, brushing with bristles in a tilted position should be implemented to ensure clean gum tissues.

Children Need Not Be Taken To Dental Clinic Until The Permanent Teeth Erupt

Perhaps it is the common and widely believed misconception among parents that can cause permanent damage to their little ones’ oral health. In fact, a dental check-up of your tiny tot is very much essential once the first milk tooth erupts. As it is very difficult to restrain children from consuming the decay-causing sugary and chewy substance, the reason to visit your dentist gets more valid.

If you would like to seek further knowledge about best dental hygiene practices and get a crystal clear picture about any procedure, you can always schedule an appointment with our dentist in Pune. Remember, dental illness can easily affect your overall health and hence it is crucial to adopt right oral hygiene practices to safeguard yourself.

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